“Welfare Queen” Pen & Ink Portrait by Angelo P. Hopson


“Welfare Queen” Pen & Ink portrait. The reason I named this piece “Welfare Queen” is because I want this piece to shed light, or rather give light to the many Black Women who are looked upon as charity cases even though historically the world itself has been a charity case, nurtured by none other than the Black woman herself. No other woman on the face of the planet has breastfed and reared the children of those who have raped her, oppressed her and devalued her. No other woman has been given so little and made so much of it. So yes the Black woman is the Welfare Queen. There is a certain holiness about our women, a certain mystique, about a woman who gives and seeks no return. This piece is dedicated to you. Purchase your 18×24 inch copy today or contact me to purchase the original. https://webuyblack.com/welfare-queen.html

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“Three Stacks” Pen & Ink Portrait of Andre 3000 by Angelo P. Hopson


“Three Stacks” Pen & Ink Portrait of the rap legend Benjamin Andre (Andre 3000). $49.99 for 18×24 inch poster size copies. Available for purchase at https://webuyblack.com/three-stacks.html

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“Freebase? So What?” Pen & Ink Portrait of a Scene from “New Jack City”


“Freebase? So What” 11×15 Pen & Ink Portrait of Nino Brown, G-Money and Dudda Man from the cult classic film “New Jack City.” Original $2,000. I’m only selling 18×24 copies of this piece. The good news is I’m only charging $75 a copy shipping included. Special pricing when you buy two or more. Contact me for purchase or inquiries.

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