I am an Artist, a Poet, an Activist, a Humanitarian, a Son, Grandson, Father, a Grandfather one day and a young man that is working towards being a better human being. In the process, I am also working on putting myself into a better position for those who need help. Help me help those to help themselves. Thank you taking the time out to view my art and abstract thoughts.

Peace and Prosperity to you.

All donations are accepted

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21 thoughts on “About

  1. I had to tell you I love your poetry and your blogs it is very inspirational and you are very talented. From reading only a few of your stuff you have my mind on a whole other level. please if you can keep me posted every time you update your poems and blogs. i really do like them. have a blessed nite.

    • Why thank you! You know you can click on the RSS button on the side of this page and submit your email to stay updated whenever I post something new. And i’m really glad that you love what I do. I think its important that people stray away from the norm/bs to think about or see something beautiful. You have a blessed night as well. -Angelo

  2. Hi Angelo-I am very impressed with your blog.Read only a few of your poems,but will come back and read some more and also had a look around at the artwork-Very impressive and inspirational for me as a poet,artist and creative writer myself.Well done to you with an excellent blog.

  3. Your site is rich in knowledge/info and Love, i’m humbled by your stance and wording on about, best friends you can have is definitely your family…Deep Boss, Wisdom from the elders, wow….Thanx for the Platform Brotha…

    • thanks frank! I think you were one of the first to subscribe to my blog. And I only have 55 subscribers. The blogs that talk about celebrity gossip and nonsense always draw the most subscribers, hundreds of thousands. Yet i’m over here at ArtisticPhysics giving people something outside of the box and i haven’t gotten a 100 subscribers. And this blog has been running since last October lol smh I guess thats just how it goes. Thats why I appreciate the few who do follow my blog.

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